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Lending Services

Building Relationships

Property Investment Loan facilities may be arranged for the acquisition of residential investment property and purpose built commercial property in the UK, where rental income is sufficient and can be used to repay borrowings on a capital and interest repayment basis.


Our experience enables facilities to be provided through a wide range of offshore registered companies.


Mortgage Finance is available for residential property.


Cash Backed Loan Facilities are available as part of a solution to a client’s overall financial planning


Leveraged Loans/Overdrafts against Investment Portfolios are available to support borrowings for the purchase of property or other assets. This can form an important part of an overall strategy linked to clients’ individual professional tax advice or assist the client in dealing with cash flows or maximising potential investment returns.


This service is only offered to those clients who can fully demonstrate their understanding of the higher risks involved in leveraging of this nature. The Bank will need to be appointed custodian of the assets to enable leveraging.


Forward Foreign Exchange Hedging facilities are
also available to reduce currency investment risk.


Guarantees/Standby Letter of Credit are available against security of cash deposits or suitable readily realisable investments.

To discuss individual requirements, contact:
Tim Landon, Senior Manager, Business Development, Wealth Management
Direct Line: + 44 (0) 1481 705271
Facsimile: + 44 (0) 1481 714533




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