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Investment Management Services

Investment Approach

We make a point of maintaining a low client-to-manager ratio in order to ensure that we have the time to thoroughly understand your investment needs and that we never lose focus on helping you meet your objectives. Ongoing dialogue with our clients is central to our approach.


Also fundamental to the long-term partnership you will enjoy with Butterfield are the wide range of asset classes we consider when helping structure your portfolio (along with consideration for any specific exclusions you decide upon), the thorough and highly proactive perspective we provide in reporting on your investment progress, and the relatively high frequency with which we will meet with you to discuss your portfolio’s positioning.


As with everything we do, we see all of these as areas in which flexibility is imperative.  Butterfield works with you on your terms.

Contact Us

To discuss your individual requirements contact:


Nigel Garrard, Head of Asset Management
Direct line: +44 1481 737780
Facsimile: + 44 1481 703929

Tony Abreu, Investment Manager
Direct line: +44 1481 751610
Facsimile: + 44 1481 751001





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